Devery Holmes in VARIETY: “Vegas meets H’wood” at CES

Spark AM CEO Devery Holmes hit the pages of VARIETY this month re. the 2012 Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The Jan. 12, 2012 “Vegas meets H’wood” article quotes Devery on the prime networking opportunities spawned by CES – the huge, once-a-year gathering of digital wizards.

For Spark AM, the four-day event offers the perfect chance to pair hot entertainment properties with new electronics brands – and ignite conversation on multiplying profits through joint marketing campaigns.  The early look-see into new products and services can inspire scripts, or new methods to create and distribute the entertainment itself.

“Technology is changing so quickly that if you don’t get in there and start building relationships with leaders in the space you’ll lose out,” said Devery.  “If you miss this show, you potentially miss real critical opportunities to see what your entertainment needs to reflect and embrace.  It really helps you know where the energy and the momentum is headed.”

On the show floor, Spark AM senior managers Jessica Wolensky and Natalie Shapiro met with brand marketers across the consumer electronics spectrum, discussing upcoming television shows, feature films and sports stars, and the potential for strategic pairing of great content with buzzworthy brands.

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