Hostess & X-men: Days Of Future Past


Spark an Idea:

Hostess was looking for a major tentpole film to drive sales in the May/June window. X-Men: Days of Future Past was named the most anticipated film of the summer and featured a star-studded cast. Both X-Men and Hostess are beloved American brands, and the X-Men comics often featured Hostess advertisements. Hostess already owned the trademark for eXtreme creme and knew a partnership was the perfect opportunity to launch two new flavors of Twinkies: Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, playing off the red and blue color palette of the film.


Ignite a Plan:

  • Film featured placement of retro Hostess packaging
  • Developed Strawberry and Blue Raspberry LTO Twinkies
  • Created co-branded packaging of multipack and single serve Twinkies, CupCakes, and four flavors of bagged Donettes
  • Designed co-branded displays and POS materials
  • Hosted an instant win and sweepstakes app on the Hostess Facebook page
  • Instant win prizes included X-Men merchandise, an exclusive art piece, movie tickets, Blu-ray collections, and Hostess coupons
  • Awarded one grand prize winner an extreme trip for four to Montreal, Canada – where the film was shot
  • Instant win/sweepstakes entry codes were distributed inside specially marked boxes
  • Created custom Facebook posts and ads